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New for 2019!!!


I am a lousy photographer! But here are two pictures of the newest Renegade VT that the guys at our warehouse have just finished getting ready to go out. We have put a lot of thought and design to get true vertical tillage in a machine which is not only versatile, but also simple to adjust and use.

We were able to get a Renegade VT down to Missouri last fall for some limited field work and where we did run it, the results were fantastic! We had some more demos and rental acres for it to run, but Mother Nature kept us out of the field. There are some videos of the machine running in various locations, posted on our YOU TUBE Channel that you can view( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyOcLaBN1fbjw4Pf72E8D0A ). There is also a video from Machinery Pete of Brent talking about the Renegade VT. Check them out.

We have had the Renegade VT at least one indoor farm show last fall, and interest was incredible! Plans are to have a machine at the Iowa Power Show later this month. We are still trying to get space at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville in February, but currently it doesn’t look like that is going to be possible. Same for the Western Farm Show in Kansas City.

If you are looking for a new vertical tillage machine, come to our booth at any of the farm shows coming up this winter. We answer any of your questions, explain why the Renegade VT is true vertical tillage, and how it can help your operation.


John Viertel, CCA

Missouri Sales Manager


Finishing 2018..

2018 is finally behind us and to many it ended none too soon! As we head into 2019, there are several things to look forward to from SOIL SERVICE, INC.

First, the EPA finally cleared several our products for use with Xtendimax and Engenia herbicide chemistries. The products will be listed on their web sites soon. If you have questions, call us. 217-755-4400

Second, we introduced our new vertical tillage tool at the Farm Progress Show last August, The RENEGADE VT. We were lucky to get them in the field this fall, seeing just what they could do. Very happy with the results. The wheat pictured below, was sown after running the RENEGADE VT after wheat harvest. It left a very good, smooth seedbed to plant into. The guys in Illinois were able to run it on corn stalks, and they were very happy with the its performance. If you are looking for a new vertical tillage tool this winter, you need to take a long look at the RENEGADE VT!

Finally, we had good results from our SUGAR E-BOOST again this season. My plots in Missouri, where we put a 1 pint per acre with our corn and soybean starter programs, showed us a 3 bushel per acre yield boost. For less than a $1 per acre investment, you are going to get a very good ROI no matter what the commodity prices are.

We hope that you and your operations have a great and prosperous 2019!

John Viertel, MO Sales


Wheat planted in the Soil Health Field in Central Missouri

Christmas 2018


With everything that has gone on this past year, we hope that you and your families can take time to enjoy the Holiday Season and prepare for the New Year.

2019 is going to bring new challenges to agriculture, and us at Soil Service, Inc. will be here to help you with any and all of those challenges, from our lineup of Crop Choice starter fertilizers, spray adjuvants like LandOil, Soil Boost Plus, and Soil Boost Extreme to our new vertical tillage tool, the Renegade V.T. Contact us for questions on any of our products. We are prepared to help you overcome many of those challenges.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

John Viertel

Missouri Sales Manager

Iowa Harvest Update – Tony Gann

Harvest started out great this year. Around here we started the second week of September (which seems like an eternity ago) then the cold and rains hit. Since the rain, it has been a struggle to get the crops out, but from meeting and talking to several farmers, it seems they are happy with the corn and bean yields, just wish price was better.

We combined our corn plots last Friday, October 19, and yields were good. We do not have all our information put together yet, but the plots seemed to do very well.  

SOIL Service Inc. is going to hold a tillage/agronomy day November 13 starting at 9:30 a.m. At this event we are going to demonstrate our NEW Renegade VT tillage tool along with some other tillage methods, then we will have a lunch and go over our plot results.

Hope to see you there.


Tony Gann

SOIL Service, Inc.

Iowa Sales Manager

Missouri Plot – John Viertel

Yesterday, we harvested the Missouri Corn Plot, and boy were we surprised! Corn was a lot better than ever could be expected, after the extremely dry summer we just experienced. The yields in this year’s plot, ranged from 194 to 220 bushels per acre.

What I was looking at in this plot, were the differences in using a complete starter program (5 gallon 3-18-18-1 + 1 pint each of 9% Zinc, 3% Calcium, and 6% Manganese per acre). Then adding 1 pint per acre of Sugar E-Boost, then 2 ounces per acre of Liquid Bacteria Concentrate & Soil Restorer.

Here are the results:

                The starter program added 10.9 bushels vs. no starter.

                The pint of Sugar E-Boost gained 3.1 more bushels when added to the starter program.

                Adding the LBC & SR gained 8.7 more bushels when combined with the starter and the SEB.

The take away: Using a complete Crop Choice Starter Program and include Sugar E-Boost, along with our Nutripathic Products, can insure that your corn crop can hold up to extreme stress and increase your bottom line.

Watch for the complete plot results on our web site: soilserviceinc.com later this fall.

John Viertel, MO Sales