Schmitz Ag Products logoMore and more farmers today are finding that a custom toolbar that has been designed to match the needs of their unique farming operation is a necessity—but building one yourself takes time and planning. SOIL Service, Inc., offers an affordable and more importantly, high-performing, solution: custom toolbars under the Schmitz Ag Products brand.

As farmers who strip-till our own acres, we know the benefits strip-tillage can provide to your operation. We’re dedicated to bringing you a tool that makes this tillage practice possible at a reasonable cost, and we know what it takes to build equipment that safely handles and evenly distributes your fertilizer product of choice.

Through our relationships with toolbar manufacturers, we can build the perfect toolbar for your unique situation. We have experience building single- and dual-product toolbars.Custom toolbar in field Our custom toolbars are delivered ready to be used in the field, and our pricing is generally 20-30% less than manufacturers of comparable complete toolbars.

Our fabrication team will partner with you throughout the process of building your planter or fertilizer toolbar—from row-unit selections and custom toolbar design through toolbar assembly and instructions for use.