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Missouri Update – John Viertel


As we go into March, I am sure most of you will agree that it is wet across the Mid-West. We talked to producers from several states at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, two weeks ago, and they agreed. I have also been talking to cattle producers here is Missouri. They tell me that with these conditions, their pastures are getting torn up and they will have to do some reseeding and other repairs when they dry out.

 So, if you are wondering how you are going to improve your pastures which have been tromped on all winter in these wet conditions, consider renovating with the ROGUE VT. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Top dressing and then running the ROGUE VT. The ROGUE will penetrate up to eight (8) inches, letting oxygen, manure, and the fertilizer go down into the root zone.
  2. Mix grass seed with the fertilizer, over seeding to get a improved stand in the pasture.
  3. Just run the ROGUE VT alone, to aerate, slice the grass roots (letting them spread out and thicken up), and the rolling baskets will break up and spread the cow manure.             

We have several ROGUE VT’S for sale or rental. One is equipped with an air seeder, so over seeding could be accomplished with the aeration pass.

This is the second year of wet conditions, so serious consideration should be taken to take care of your pastures. Contact us to get your machine lined up for your pasture improvement, or to get any questions you may have on this operation.

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John Viertel