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Foliar feeding slow release nitrogen during the growing season is proven to give plants an instant boost at a critical growth stage. Slow release nitrogen also sticks with your crop long-term, continuing to provide key nutrients to plants as they mature toward harvest.

SOIL Service has developed and tested two specialized slow release nitrogen products:

Field of corn with shovel planted to mark test sides

Side-by-side of corn with starter, Foliar Opp® Corn, and SRN compared to corn with starter only.

Closeup of corn plant

Foliar application of SRN


Max-72-SRN Jug​Containing the maximum percentage of slow release nitrogen available on the market—72%—our Max72-SRN product is a non-burning solution for use on row crops, turf, vegetables, and fruit.

At a rate of one gallon per acre, Max72-SRN offers more than three times the slow release nitrogen of many competing products. Tests have shown it remains available to crops for up to six weeks in soil and three to four weeks on leaves.

Foliar feeding Max72-SRN minimizes nitrogen loss and coats leaves, lasting for weeks while the plant tissue absorbs it. Its staying power also makes Max72-SRN an ideal delivery partner for crop protection chemicals and glyphosate herbicides.

How to put Max72-SRN to work for your crops:

  • Add to a fungicide at the tassel stage of corn to have a positive impact on yield
  • Apply to R3 soybeans with insecticide and fungicide
  • Apply to wheat with herbicide and fungicide—a great way to add supplemental nitrogen when wheat needs it
  • Tank mix with a glyphosate or another post-herbicide application
  • Tank mix with NPK fertilizers or micronutrients
  • Incorporate with drip irrigation or sprinkler irrigation

2075 SRN Jug2075-SRN

2075-SRN is SOIL Service’s solution when crops need a nutrient boost during the growing season—especially if they have been put under stress from heavy rains, wind, or hail.

2075-SRN delivers nitrogen, sulfur, and potassium for crops to absorb virtually any time during the growing season. It is a clear liquid fertilizer that uses our high-performing Max72-SRN as a foundation. 2075-SRN can be applied as a foliar spray or via an irrigation system and mixes well with herbicides and fungicides.

When used in combination with SOIL Service’s Foliar Opp, you can add 10–15 bushels of top-end yield in corn or 5–12 bushels in beans.

Both products are effective in corn and soybeans. SOIL Service’s experts will recommend the combination that is right for your crop and the current growing season.

These products are approved for use with Enlist™ products, XtendiMax®, and Engenia®. Tavium® approval pending.

Slow Release Nitrogen: Proven Results

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