Dalton Ag Products logoAt SOIL Service, our goal is to help you implement a system that makes the most of your fertilizer investment—from the nutrients you put in the ground to the equipment in your fields.

That’s why we’re an authorized dealer for Dalton Ag, an Iowa-based manufacturer of high-performance fertilizer application equipment. Since 1966, Dalton Ag has been solving the production and application challenges growers face, including:

  • Accurate application at increasing speeds
  • Efficiently using fertilizer
  • Reducing equipment maintenance
  • Applying fertilizer in rough terrain

Dalton’s extensive lineup ranges from anhydrous ammonia toolbars to liquid nitrogen applicators, dry fertilizer spreaders, row units, and more.

NH3 Toolbars

  • DW C/S Split Series Toolbar
  • HS Series Toolbar
  • D Series 3-Point Toolbar
  • DW Series Toolbar

NH3 Running Gears

  • WNDT Series NH3 Running Gears
  • WN Series NH3 Running Gears
  • WNDT-GN Series NH3 Running Gears

Liquid Applicator

  • DLQ Series Liquid Applicator

Dry Spreaders

  • Mobility X2 Series Dual Product Spreader
  • Mobility 100 Spreader
  • Mobility Row Crop Spreader
  • Mobility C Series – Lime/Dry Spreader
  • Mobility Walking Tandem Spreader

Row Unit Accessories

  • Dalton Edge Shank (D.E.S.) Row Unit
  • Spring-Loaded Shank Clamps
  • Standard and Heavy-Duty Disc Sealers (standard, offset, and sidedress models available)
  • Standard, Mole, and Mini-Mole Knives

Nurse Trailer

  • M-Series Nurse Trailer