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Increase the effectiveness of your glyphosate application with SOIL BOOST PLUS®. SOIL Service’s liquid ammonium sulfate replacement product is an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution that offers two key benefits.

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  • Ensures pesticides such as glyphosate perform as intended by tying up hard water minerals.
  • Lowers the pH of your solution to 5 so it is readily absorbed into plant leaves.

Tap water often contains levels of magnesium, calcium, and iron.

These minerals can increase the pH of the water in your solution to over 7—an elevated pH that inhibits absorption. On top of this, calcium ties up glyphosate. SOIL BOOST PLUS is formulated to counteract both problems. Alternative AMS replacement products may provide one benefit or the other, but few do both.

How does SOIL BOOST PLUS work?

SOIL BOOST PLUS contains some AMS and a pH-lowering ester to drop the pH of your water to about 5. Adding just 1 pint per acre controls the pH, eliminating the need for a pH tester. SOIL BOOST PLUS also contains proprietary buffering, penetration, and translocation agents to significantly boost the penetration and movement of most pesticides in the target plants.

SOIL BOOST PLUS is proven to work.

A study at Southern Illinois University tested SOIL BOOST PLUS and three other liquid AMS replacement products.

Researchers artificially hardened the water to 250 grains of hardness, then tested a low rate of glyphosate alone. Then they tested the performance of glyphosate with SOIL BOOST PLUS, as well as glyphosate with the three competitive products.

SOIL BOOST PLUS at 1 pint per acre controlled both water hemp and common ragweed significantly better than all the other products.



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