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Sugar E-Boost® is a natural, sugar-based soil amendment that provides energy to plants so they can more efficiently translocate and use nutrients.

Sugar E-Boost:

  • Doesn’t freeze or crystallize.
  • Has no chlorides.
  • Has good storage properties.
  • Is for use on all crops and is compatible with most herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.
  • Is approved for use with Enlist™ products, XtendiMax®, and Engenia®. Tavium® approval pending.

Make the most of Sugar E-Boost.

In more than three years of field testing, Sugar E-Boost has been especially effective when paired withSugar E-Boost jug foliar feeding agents like Foliar Opp® and slow release nitrogen like Max72-SRN®. Applied together, these products consistently boost beneficial bacterial activity and improve the overall health and yield of crops.

In addition to foliar feeding, Sugar E-Boost can be:

  • Applied during planting
  • Applied as a side-dress or transplant

Sugar E-Boost Research: Proven Results

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