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Finishing 2018…

2018 is finally behind us and to many it ended none too soon! As we head into 2019, there are several things to look forward to from Soil Service, Inc.

First, the EPA finally cleared several our products for use with Xtendimax and Engenia herbicide chemistries. The products will be listed on their web sites soon. If you have questions, call us. 217-755-4400

Second, we introduced our new vertical tillage tool at the Farm Progress Show last August, The Rogue VT®. We were lucky to get them in the field this fall, seeing just what they could do. Very happy with the results. The wheat pictured below, was sown after running the Rogue VT after wheat harvest. It left a very good, smooth seedbed to plant into. The guys in Illinois were able to run it on corn stalks, and they were very happy with the its performance. If you are looking for a new vertical tillage tool this winter, you need to take a long look at the Rogue VT!

Finally, we had good results from our Sugar E-Boost® again this season. My plots in Missouri, where we put a 1 pint per acre with our corn and soybean starter programs, showed us a 3 bushel per acre yield boost. For less than a $1 per acre investment, you are going to get a very good ROI no matter what the commodity prices are.

We hope that you and your operations have a great and prosperous 2019!

John Viertel, MO Sales


Wheat planted in the Soil Health Field in Central Missouri