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  It is now one year since the last blog on foliar feeding (check out that blog from last year) and a lot has been going on through out the world. There are some things in short supply, especially in the tech field. Commodity prices have the experts baffled. And...

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Virtual Plot Tour Info – John Viertel

I was invited to attend a Virtual Plot Tour that was put on by FMC last week. They were talking about herbicide trials and showing how the different treatments were working. What I was really interested in was the new fungicide Xyway 3D and Xyway LFR. This new...

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What is a Devastator? – John Viertel

YETTER 5000 STALK DEVASTATORS   It's almost the middle of August!  Since I wrote this Monday morning, a huge portion of the Midwest was hit by the very powerful “derecho.” After getting out yesterday, it looks like most of central MO was spared except for some flash...

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Elist Speckling & Drooping – E 3 Beans – John Viertel

Last week was interesting, as I started to get calls and texts about what was going on with the E 3 beans that were being burned by the herbicide. One call wanted to know if the Landoil was causing the problem. The other, the custom sprayer had not cleaned his sprayer...

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Foliar Feeding.. Why do it? – John Viertel

  Planting has been going pretty smoothly all over the state of Missouri, with a lot of the corn in the ground (emergence looks pretty good) and soybeans are going in now. So now, the focus is going to be finishing planting corn and getting the rest of the...

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Effects of an Early Season Frost – Derek Porter

  Effects of an Early Season Frost   With temperatures dipping down to the freezing mark and lower Friday night to early Saturday, I thought it would be good to cover the potential effects of a frost on this 2020 crop. Both corn and soybeans should be able...

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