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Nutrient Recycle Program – John Viertel


I have been catching up on my emails this week and I am wondering if everybody gets as many promotions for different things as I do. The one that caught my attention this morning was about a product that will break down the residue after harvest. Interesting to me, because we have been promoting, testing, and selling a lot of our Nutrient Recycling Program for the entire time that I have been with Soil Service. Even use it on our farm, especially on the field which we call “The Soil Health Study”.

What we have observed in this field (which I have written about in previous blogs) is better soil tilth, better water infiltration, less fertilizer used, less plant diseases, better yields, and an increase in Organic Matter.

What else can this program do for your operation!

First, when sprayed on you corn residue, with some 32% or 12-0-0-26, it will help speed the decomposition of that residue, and release nutrients back to the soil.

Second, that residue will be easier to manage next spring, especially if no tilling into it.

Third, residue (corn stalks) that have had all winter to break down after application, will not be as abusive to tractor and implement tires.

If planning a cover crop after harvest, and using a vertical tillage tool like our Rogue VT® or Aerway®, getting that little bit of soil on the residue after being treated, will speed up the decomposition, and the cover crop will sequester the nutrients to be released for the next crop.

If you are considering adding a “biological program” to your operation, contact us. We have had hands on with our program and have data to back up what we have seen.

My contact info: or 573-680-6951 (voice or text)

Soil Service, Inc office: or 888-313-2360


John Viertel