Just one Liberty/Select application with the Soil Service program

Just one Liberty/Select application with the Soil Service program

2019 is finally coming to an end! There were many challenges this year for a lot of us, but I am not going to dwell on those. Instead, let’s think about 2020!

 One of the comments which I have heard from many of you last summer and this fall has been, “Can I use Landoil® like a crop oil?” My answer: “Yes, you can. However, you will not get all of the advantages from it with the reduced rate.” I totally understand that saving dollars is on all our minds, and cutting the amount of Landoil in your spray program sounds pretty good, but you will not get:

  1. Uniform spray droplets
  2. Better spray coverage from the better spray pattern
  3. The best herbicide penetration that I have seen over the years
  4. Rain fast in twenty minutes or less—really improves some of the herbicide label times
  5. Kill weeds the first time and not having to re-spray—saves time and money

Using Landoil as we recommend gets you these benefits.  One custom applicator had to go back to a Liberty customer three (3) times last season. He had also sprayed fields for us with our program about the same time (only one application). He booked 275 gallons of Landoil in October and plans on getting more in season. The reason, he has seen how well our program is working and doesn’t like going back to re-spray.

As you are putting your plans together for 2020 and have question about our products for your herbicide program(s), get in contact with us. We can help kill your problem weeds the first time.

My contact info: jviertel@soilserviceinc.com or 573-680-6951 voice or text

Soil Service, Inc office: info@soilserviceinc.com or 888-313-2360