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These pictures were taken a few years ago, when we were having a dry spell in central Missouri. Not as dry as it has been this summer, but still dry. There is a lot of pasture in Missouri that is going to have some type of forage planted into it for fall and winter forage. Since we got some rain yesterday, 7/29/18, it makes a lot of sense to use an Aerway to incorporate the seed that is getting sown. The Aerway in the picture above was set at 0 degrees. If a 2.5 degree setting was used, and the double rolling basket harrow on it, the Aerway would do a great job getting seed to soil contact. We have done this with cover crop seed for the last few years on our farm and have good success.

Running the Aerway, instead of drilling would give the pasture ground the following advantages:

  • Opens the soil to allow future rainfall to be absorbed into the soil instead of running off
  • Allows oxygen into the root zone
  • In pasture, where cattle have been, allows the nutrients from there manure into the root zone
  • Cuts into the roots of the grass, making it grow back faster and more vigorously

We have Aerways available for purchase and/or rental in sizes from 8 feet to 30 feet. So, if you are thinking about what to do to your pasture to help ease some of your forage requirements this fall, give me a call to talk about your options.

John Viertel