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Planting 2020, Missouri – John Viertel



Well, here it is planting season 2020, and this is only my second blog of the year. With all that is going on in the world, I hope that you and your family(s) are well!

What has been going on the past few weeks? Some have had to stay home. For essential workers (agriculture, etc.), it has been business as usual, with social distinacing, face covering, gloves, and a whole lot of hand sanitizer. All that said, I have been getting products in place for the planting and spraying season, and corn planting here in Missouri has been going on the past two weeks. This week it is going full bore! If it stays dry and warm, beans are soon to follow.

I have a 16.5 foot ROGUE VT rented and it is running. This unique vertical tillage tool does a excellent job creating a seed bed for planting. It also can roll down a cereal rye cover crop (after it heads out) for planting soybeans into. Check out videos on YouTube, and blogs from last year. If you would like to try the ROGUE VT on your operation, get in touch with us asap at the contacts below.

If you are thinking about cutting costs going into this season, we advise not to try to cut costs in your herbicide program(s). Spray you weeds when they are small (4 inches or less) and use SOIL BOOST PLUS, SOIL BOOST EXTREME, and LANDOIL in you program. These spray adjuvants will help your herbicides work better! And they have a proven track record! If you want more information on these products, check out our web site: or contact us directly.

During my career in agriculture, there have been many challenges. Some have had a pretty severe impact on farmers and their operations. The Covid-19 pandemic is a challenge like we have never seen in our life times. All of us in agriculture need to stay strong and healthy, so we can continue to lead the world in food production. Also, to show, not only our county, but the whole world that we can continue to do our jobs efficiently and safely!

Have a safe and productive planting season! Stay well and do not forget to social distance. Funny concept when you are alone and in a tractor cab in the middle of 200-acre field!


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John Viertel