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Rolled Rye Field Update – John Viertel

Went to the rolled rye field on Tuesday (June 24), three weeks from the day we rolled and planted the soybeans. Like everyone that I have talked to, the beans are growing slowly. We need some sunshine and warm temps. As seen in the picture there is very little weed pressure, the mat of residue is keeping them under check. Yes, there are some marestail and others coming where the residue mat is not as thick as in the picture, but comparing to other no till fields we have, this field is still clean with no herbicide application to this point.

The second trifoliates are just coming out, so by the end of the week, this field will get an application of our Liberty herbicide program and include two gallons per acre of Foliar Opp® for legumes. This foliar fertilizer application will give the beans a boost, help them put on more blossoms (as they will start blooming any day now), retain those blossoms (more pods), and will help in the final yield.

Shoot me an email or contact the SOIL Service office, for more information on foliar feeding your soybeans.

There have been several videos posted as well on YouTube. Find them at our channel, which is the SOIL Service, Inc. Channel. Check them out!

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