October 21, 2019

Harvest in the “Rolled” Cereal Rye Field

Notice the amount of residue still covering the ground

Clean field with just one herbicide and Foliar Opp® application


 Rolled Cereal Rye Update from Missouri

Last week we started the soybean harvest in the field that was planted into the rolled cereal rye this past June. If you go back and look at my blogs following this field, you can get a sense of what we did.

To sum up the year for this field, here are my observations:

  • Rolling he cereal rye with the Rogue VT®, killed the cover crop without a “burn-down” herbicide application               
  • With the tines run at 2.5 degrees, there was some loose soil under the “mulch” for better slot closure
  • Early weed suppression was excellent
  • Only one post herbicide application necessary
  • The “soil armor” helped keep the soil cooler during the hot weather, and protected the soil during high rainfall events we had this growing season. No erosion!

Contact us if you would like more information on “rolling down” cover crops, or other applications for the Rogue VT.

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John Viertel