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Harvest Update from Missouri – John Viertel

 October 14, 2019

Harvest Update from Missouri

Corn harvest has been going on for several weeks now, and we have heard of some pretty average yields, along with some pretty good yields. Soybean harvest is getting started, but the rain that we had last week has slowed that down. I did see some combines rolling in beans yesterday north of Mexico. With nice weather predicted for this week, there will be a lot of harvest going on.

If you look back to blogs from April 29 and June 1, you will see that I was following the field that we no tilled corn into burned down cereal rye. We used 9-18-9-1 as the base starter, then added zinc, then Sugar E-Boost®, and then Max27-SRN®. There was 140 units of nitrogen applied pre-plant. Here are the results of the comparison plot that we planted in this field.

No Starter:                                          174.2 bpa

Starter Program:                              195.9 bpa

Starter Program + Max 72:            188.4 bpa

No Starter:                                          159.6 bpa

This is a 25 bushel yield increase where a good starter fertilizer program was utilized!

The average of the moistures was 14.4% with the starter and 15.1% without starter. Almost a full point drier.

The overall field average of the thirty-acre field was 156 bushels per acre across the scales. This field suffered the same problems that are across the area this season – drowned out areas in the terrace channels, thin stands on the flat ground that could not drain as well, and in this field, extensive deer damage on the outside twelve rows.

With conditions this spring, and knowing the history of this field, we were pleased with the overall outcome.

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John Viertel