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Missouri Plot – John Viertel

Yesterday, we harvested the Missouri Corn Plot, and boy were we surprised! Corn was a lot better than ever could be expected, after the extremely dry summer we just experienced. The yields in this year’s plot, ranged from 194 to 220 bushels per acre.

What I was looking at in this plot, were the differences in using a complete starter program (5 gallon 3-18-18-1 + 1 pint each of 9% Zinc, 3% Calcium, and 6% Manganese per acre). Then adding 1 pint per acre of Sugar E-Boost, then 2 ounces per acre of Liquid Bacteria Concentrate & Soil Restorer.

Here are the results:

                The starter program added 10.9 bushels vs. no starter.

                The pint of Sugar E-Boost gained 3.1 more bushels when added to the starter program.

                Adding the LBC & SR gained 8.7 more bushels when combined with the starter and the SEB.

The take away: Using a complete Crop Choice Starter Program and include Sugar E-Boost, along with our Nutripathic Products, can insure that your corn crop can hold up to extreme stress and increase your bottom line.

Watch for the complete plot results on our web site: soilserviceinc.com later this fall.

John Viertel, MO Sales