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Elist Speckling & Drooping – E 3 Beans – John Viertel

Last week was interesting, as I started to get calls and texts about what was going on with the E 3 beans that were being burned by the herbicide. One call wanted to know if the Landoil was causing the problem. The other, the custom sprayer had not cleaned his sprayer out and just the herbicide residue still in the system caused the burn.

First, the Landoil is not causing this. Even where just the herbicide was used, the same things are being reported.

Second, this is not a result of the trait not working. Corteva has put out a bulletin about these crop responses. They know that there can be some “speckling” or “drooping” after application.

Drooping is brought on by the plant metabolizing the 2,4-d and the plant will return to normal with in 24 hours or so. No impact on yield.

Speckling is likely (according to Corteva) a result of herbicide tank mixes and additives to the tank mix. It can also be accentuated by weather conditions at application. Again, no impact on yield. New leaves should be coming out green.

Third, it’s just a little un-nerving to see this when using new herbicide trait in our fields, I know. Many of us have used a lot of Cobra in the past. We got used to seeing the crop response from that herbicide. If the Enlist works killing the herbicide resistant weeds (and killing them completely), and if there is not a yield drag, we may have to live with the crop response to have clean fields.


John Viertel

Missouri Sales Manager