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For a powerful combination that can increase yields, lower input costs, and increase beneficial soil microbes, SOIL Service offers Nutrapathic™ Soil Restore and Nutrapathic™ Liquid Bacteria Concentrate. Together, these two biological soil amendments have proven themselves in field tests.

Combinations of Nutrapathic™ Soil Restore and Nutrapathic™ Liquid Bacteria Concentrate have:

  • Increased yield with less nitrogen and herbicides, lowering input costs.*
  • Increased uptake of nutrients.
  • Increased root mass and nodules.
  • Increased microbial activity.*
  • Increased cation exchange capacity (CEC), organic matter, humus, calcium, and trace minerals in the soil.*
  • Reduced compaction up to 25% and 18″.*
  • Increased mycorrhizal colonization.** (See below for the benefits of mycorrhizae).
  • Increased yield by 28–43 bu./acre in corn.***
  • Increased relative feed value.

*Agricultural Custom Research studies show weed suppression, reduced compaction, increased yields, and increased microbes
**Tests at Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc.
***North Carolina State University tests

Nutrapathic Soil Restore (OMRI registration pending)

Soil Restore (with mycorrhizal stimulants) releases the ionic bonds between minerals in the soil. This sets up a series of natural reactions resulting in:

  • Loose soil with more oxygen.
  • More beneficial microbe populations.
  • Greater root mass and available nutrients.

The end result is larger, higher-quality yields with plants that are more tolerant to stress. Nutrapathic Soil Restore with mycorrhizal stimulants should be used with Liquid Bacteria Concentrate, which prepares the soil for optimum bacteria growth.

Nutrapathic Liquid Bacteria Concentrate

  • Contains bacteria that convert nitrogen in the soil into a usable form.
  • Provides several beneficial strains of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
  • Produces amylase, lipase, protease, and cellulose enzymes in the soil for plants.
  • Breaks down residue to build organic material.
  • Frees up organic compounds.
Nutrapathic Soil Restore jug

What are mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhizae are naturally occurring beneficial fungi that attach to the plant root system, spreading filaments inside and outside of the roots, working as an extension of the root of almost every plant. Soil fumigations, fungicides, tillage, and overuse of synthetic fertilizers can destroy mycorrhizae fungi.

Functions of mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae improve soil structure, reduce fertilizer rates, and increase growth response. These fungi also protect roots from soil toxins, diseases, and insects. They seek out nutrients from a far greater soil area than the plant can access by itself and regulate the uptake of nutrients in response to the plant needs. Plants have greater resistance to invasion of weeds and insects because plants are healthier.

Fungi are also largely responsible for stabilizing calcium. Soil low in fungi will permit calcium to leach.

Functions of bacteria

Bacteria are able to perform a wide range of chemical changes, including breakdown of organic matter and disease suppression. They are also useful in providing nitrogen to plants.

Nutrapathic Liquid Bacteria Concentrate contains bacteria that colonize the plant rhizosphere, promoting plant growth and suppressing plant pathogens. Plant growth is credited to the phytase activity that provides plants with phosphate. It also produces a variety of proteases, amylases, and gluconases.

Liquid Bacteria Concentrate also contains bacteria that have the ability to tolerate extreme environmental conditions by producing a tough protective coating. The bacteria continue to live on the root system and provide protection throughout the growing season.

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