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The tillage experts at SOIL Service, Inc. designed the Rogue VT when we realized our customers were not getting everything they needed from the vertical tillage tools on the market.

Like other vertical tillage tools, the job of the Rogue VT is to manage crop residue, improve water infiltration, aerate soil, and prevent erosion. However, no other VT tool can accomplish ALL these tasks. Many VT tools till just a few inches below the surface, prepping a nice seedbed without breaking up soil compaction. Others fracture the soil without smoothing the seedbed.


The Rogue does both—all in one pass.


Here’s a breakdown of how the Rogue set itself apart from the competition as the most effective vertical tillage tool on the market:

Soil fracturing
Most models only till 2″–3″ below the surface, prepping a nice-looking seedbed without addressing deep-seated soil compaction.
Fractures soil up to 8″ below the surface, alleviating soil compaction down to the source.
Seedbed preparation
Some models offer deeper tillage but aren’t equipped with coulters and/or harrows. The seedbed is too rough to plant in, which means you must make a second pass to level and smooth.

The Rogue is available with adjustable and detachable coulters and harrows that smooth the seedbed as they till.

There are three options:

  • Platinum model – Comes with coulters and harrows
  • Gold model – Comes with harrows
  • Basic – No coulters or harrows
Strength & frame flexibility
Offers limited to no down flex.
Frame flexes 15º down and infinitely upward, allowing the frame to follow the slope of the ground.
Features rigid axle and basic tires.
Features walking tandem wheels for a smooth ride, equipped with high-quality tires.
Bearing engineering
Standard (longer) roller lengths do nothing to extend bearing life and put too much load on the bearing.
Features shorter rollers, which puts less load on each bearing to improve lifespan.
Manufacturing location
Manufactured abroad.
Made in America.
Warranties are short and/or exclude parts, including the tines.
Two-year breakage warranty includes the tines.

Ready to learn more about the Rogue? Our team of dedicated sales reps is here to help. SOIL Service reps have deep knowledge of our products and of aeration-based tillage. We have the expertise to help you take vertical tillage to the next level.

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