Foliar Opp Corn and Beans

For more and more producers, foliar feeding is maximizing yields. If you want increased yields and quality in beans, corn, alfalfa, wheat, pasture, and all other crops, it’s time to try SOIL Service’s Foliar Opp® and slow release nitrogen.

Field of corn with shovel planted in dirt to mark test sides

Side-by-side of corn with starter (Foliar Opp Corn) and SRN compared to corn with starter only.

Foliar Opp Corn and Foliar Opp Beans:

  • Are a tested orthophosphate potassium liquid fertilizer with a trace element package. Available in two versions based on the unique needs of grass and legume crops.
  • Have a specific blend of micronutrients to help plants maintain proper nutrient balance.
  • Efficiently feed both soybeans for increased pod set and corn for improved ear set and size.

If you want to add 10–15 bushels of top-end yield in corn or 5–12 bushels in beans, you should strongly consider Foliar Opp and slow release nitrogen.

Both products are effective in corn and soybeans. SOIL Service’s experts will recommend the combination that is right for your crop and the current growing season.

Foliar Opp application is simple: a one-pass solution with a low application rate of 2–3 GPA.

This product is noncorrosive on equipment and is safe for Roundup® tank mixing. Foliar Opp is available in bulk and a convenient 275-gallon, mini-bulk tank.

Foliar Opp Research: Proven Results

Bar chart displaying 2017 Foliar Opp Corn and Sugar E-Boost results
Bar chart displaying 2017 Foliar Opp, SRN, and Sugar E-Boost results

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