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Iowa Harvest Update – Tony Gann

Harvest started out great this year. Around here we started the second week of September (which seems like an eternity ago) then the cold and rains hit. Since the rain, it has been a struggle to get the crops out, but from meeting and talking to several farmers, it seems they are happy with the corn and bean yields, just wish price was better.

We combined our corn plots last Friday, October 19, and yields were good. We do not have all our information put together yet, but the plots seemed to do very well.  

SOIL Service Inc. is going to hold a tillage/agronomy day November 13 starting at 9:30 a.m. At this event we are going to demonstrate our NEW Rogue VT® tillage tool along with some other tillage methods, then we will have a lunch and go over our plot results.

Hope to see you there.


Tony Gann

SOIL Service, Inc.

Iowa Sales Manager

IL Corn Plot Update – Tony Gann

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Seems like we jumped straight from winter to summer! With this heat, the corn has really jumped up there and the beans are progressing nicely. Now all we need is rain to continue what looks like to be a good start to the 2018 crop. Here at Soil Service, Inc. we have foliar fed our corn plots and are looking to foliar feed our bean plots next week. Derek Porter has been tracking our corn plots and they seem to be doing very well.  As Derek continues to monitor and update us on the corn plots we will be getting ready for our upcoming aerial fungicide season. Usually this doesn’t start until after July 4th but if the corn keeps going the way it is and with a few rains here and there, it might be sooner than later. 

If anyone has any questions on our aerial applications they should contact our office or one of our many salesmen!


Tony Gann, IA Sales


Fertilizer Information – Tony Gann

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Starter fertilizer is a crucial part of the soil fertility program, especially if you aim to take advantage of the benefits of planting earlier in the growing season. An in-furrow boost when soils are cold and wet ensures seeds have direct access to the nutrients they need during the most critical growth stage—before the sixth leaf, when maximum corn ear size is determined.

Our starter fertilizer here at Soil Service, Inc. is 100% orthophosphate, which means it is available to your crop as soon as it is applied. We have a wide variety of orthophosphate blends here at Soil Service but our most common is 3-18-18-1. We also stock 9-18-9-1 and 6-24-6-1 at our warehouse in Niota, Il.  Some other low salt blends that are stocked at our warehouse are 0-0-30 and 0-0-29 (potassium acetate) if you needed to add them to your blend for extra potassium.  Other popular orthophosphate blends that are available are 3-18-18, 6-24-6, & 9-18-9.


Thank You,


Tony Gann

Iowa Sales Manager

Cell # 217-357-5141

An Update on Iowa Sales – Tony Gann

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 It seems like it has been a long harvest season compared to last year, but things are wrapping up here in west central Illinois and southeast Iowa.  It doesn’t seem like it, but it has only been 7 weeks since I took over and started the Iowa sales position.  I have met or been in contact with most of our existing customers and look forward to meeting with new ones in the future. Everyone has been very receptive and accommodating, Thank You!

As we move on into winter and the holidays, I will be keeping in touch with our customers and reaching out to new potential customers.

I would like to thank everyone again for their patience and understanding in this transition from the warehouse manager to the Iowa sales manager position.

I wish and hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!


Tony Gann

Iowa Sales Manager

New Iowa Sales Manager – Tony Gann

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  Hello, my name is Tony Gann, I am the new Iowa Sales Manager. I have been with Soil Service Inc for almost 9 years. In those years I have worked in the warehouse and delivered to our customers near and far. In the last 18 months, I took on the role of Warehouse Manager and was recently promoted within the last month to Iowa Sales Manager.

  I will be meeting and introducing myself to our existing customers within the next few weeks. I have met most of these customers whether it be delivering product to them or at our field days we hold at Soil Service. Hopefully this will make the transition easy and painless for everyone involved.

  I look forward to being your Iowa Sales Manager here at Soil Service. Thank you in advance for your continued business and support during this transition.

Thank you again, Tony Gann – Iowa Sales Manager

Phone #  (217)357-5141