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Missouri Update – John Viertel


Ten days after rolling this cereal rye field and planting directly into it, this is what it looks like. You can row the beans and virtually all the cereal rye is dead. The Rogue VT® did an excellent job terminating it! NO burn down herbicide was used. The plan for this field is to apply our Liberty Herbicide Program, along with Foliar Opp® for soybeans three to four weeks after planting. More on that in a later post.

The advantages to rolling down this cover crop is:  

  1. The Rogue VT set at 2.5 degrees disturbs a minimal amount of soil, but there is some loose soil under the residue for good seed to soil contact.
  2. With the penetration of the tines, there is air infiltration into the soil.
  3. The tremendous amount of residue reduces the impact of hard rainfall. Soil stays intact, no erosion!
  4. The residue is a fabulous mulch, holding moisture longer and keeping the soil temperature down. Important for root development.
  5. As the residue breaks down over the next few months, it will release nutrients for the soybean crop.
  6. NO herbicide has been used to this point.

The versatility of the Rogue VT is tremendous! Here are what it has been used for since our roll-out last fall:

  1. Manage corn stalk residue after harvest in the fall.
  2. Prepare a seed bed to sow wheat after a soybean crop.
  3. Size corn residue in the spring to be ready to plant beans.
  4. Plant corn into a very nice seed bed in spring.
  5. Roll down a cereal rye cover crop to plant beans.
  6. Aerate pasture.
  7. Potential to seed a cover crop with the air seeder attachment.

That is seven different operations that the Rogue VT can handle! TRUE VERSATILITY!

There have been several videos posted to our YouTube. Find them at our channel, which is the SOIL Service, Inc. Channel. Check them out!

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John Viertel