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Now Is The Time For Foliar Feeding

I returned to John Hansman’s last week to deliver some more Foliar Opp for soybeans. The field below had Foliar Opp applied prior (at about the V-4 stage).  Looking back at a previous blog, this was a field where there was concern over the population, after all the extreme rain we received in April. Yes, there were some areas in the field that were patched in, and this is what the field looks like today.

Local cash price for new crop soybeans is $9.30 this morning. At this price, it only takes a two bushel per acre increase to pay for the Foliar Opp. History has shown that we can get anywhere from a 5 to 10 bushel per acre yield bump when Foliar Opp is applied.

If you are interested in foliar feeding your soybeans, NOW is the time to contact us to get yours ordered and delivered. V-4 up to V-6 is the first window for application, with the second window coming at the R-1 stage. Foliar Opp can be applied with your herbicide and or your fungicide program.

Soil Health Study Field 2nd Corn Follow-Up

I got back into the Soil Health Study field on Friday after one inch of rain Thursday night, and here is what I found. It is not hard to pick out which plants got the Crop Choice Starter program. In this side by side, the program was four (4) gallons of 9-18-9-1, one (1) gallon of 0-0-30, one pint each of Zinc, Manganese, & Calcium, along with one (1) pint of Sugar E-Boost vs no starter. Notice the more vigorous plant and root system on the left.

I will have more follow-ups in the coming weeks, so check back often.

John Viertel, CCA

Hansman No-Till Soybean Field

Crop Choice Starter Program on Soybeans

The pictures with this blog were taken May 16, 2017.

I stopped by John Hansman’s no till soybean field, just north of Columbia, Mo, on Tuesday morning to see how his soybeans were doing after all the rain we had earlier this month. As you can see they were planted into a heavy cereal rye cover crop which he had burned down previously. This field was planted using the Crop Choice starter program for soybeans (3-18-18-1, Manganese, Calcium, Zinc, and included Liquid Bacteria Concentrate & Soil Restorer) and there are beans coming through the thick mat of cover, and still beans coming up underneath.

I haven’t put my hula hoop in the truck yet, so a population count wasn’t done yesterday, and we both wondered if the stand was going to be thick enough. With the very wet and cool conditions we have had, having the Crop Choice program under the soybean seed (and now the young plants) will give them   that extra vigor they need to get through the heavy cover. Soybeans can compensate for lower populations, still yielding very well, and we should have patience in this situation and see how many more plants emerge through the mulch of the cover crop. The soil was wet under the mulch, and rain is in the forecast, so putting in more beans now could not be done anyway. I am going to check back with John and his field periodically, and let you know how it’s going.

John Viertel, CCA     


Starter Fertilizer & Soil Health Study Field Current Condition

Starter Program on Corn

I spent some time in the SOIL HEALTH STUDY FIELD this morning. I was taking stand counts, digging some holes in the ground and looking at root systems, checking for insect damage- the kind of things that we all should be doing as our corn emerges. This field of corn has not had the best conditions (weather wise) since it was planted on April 18, but is now coming along nicely.

The root systems are getting established, as shown in the picture, as they are down at least five (5) inches, and are really taking in the starter fertilizer which we applied. We have several different mixes in this field this year; the main one being five gallons of 9-18-9-1, one gallon of 0-0-30, with one pint each of Zinc, Manganese, and Calcium.                                         

One of the other things which stood out is the difference in the stand and the appearance of the corn with starter vs. no starter. Take a look:


Yes, in the mid-morning sun light, there is still a yellow color to the plant, but that is changing quickly now that we are getting some heat units and the corn is utilizing the starter. The conditions that we have had the last three weeks (cool, wet, cloudy days) are when a CropChoice starter program is a must. 

I am really looking forward to checking this field out next week, as the forecast is daytime temps in the mid 80’s. Check back for updates!

John Viertel, CCA





2017 Fertilizer Incentives

It’s hard to believe that it is already October. Harvest is in full swing; good yields being reported from everywhere. Watch for our yield reports coming later.

Starter fertilizer prices have softened from last year, and I want you to be aware of the fantastic incentives that we are offering beyond the lower per gallon price. There are still the early payment and early delivery discounts, but we have added an “Early Commitment Discount”, for a total of 60 cents per gallon!  It does have a time sensitive deadline of November 1st. In addition, it the price goes down before March 31, 2017, we will credit your account for the price difference. THAT’S A WIN-WIN FOR YOU!

Now is the time to take advantage of the LOWEST STARTER FERTILIZER PRICES of the year, don’t hesitate, contact us immediately!

Contact me – (573) 680-6951 voice/text or jviertel@soilserviceinc.com, or the Soil Service, Inc. Office @888-313-2360 or info@soilserviceinc.com for more information