Getting The Most Out of Your Soybean Crop with Crop Choice Foliar OPP

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Getting The Most Out of Your Soybean Crop with Crop Choice Foliar OPP

Getting the most out of your soybean crop.

The rain that we have received at the end of June (and now more in early July) has really made the crops look so much better than they did a month ago. Wheat came out just a little early (with really good yields) and double crop soybeans went in. They are looking good, also.

So how are we going to maximize those beans after wheat? At this time, there is plenty of moisture (and heat) and the beans are growing rapidly. So are the weeds and volunteer wheat in a lot of fields. A herbicide trip is in the not too distant future. To help your double crop beans maximize their potential mixing in CROP CHOICE Foliar OPP at two gallons per acre as you make that trip will help make that potential.

Foliar OPP for soybeans will:

  1. Provide nutrients (N-P-K-S along with micro nutrients)
  2. Help develop the soybeans root system to be able to take in more moisture and nutrients from the soil – better stress tolerance during August and September when they are filling their pods
  3. Help the young beans put on and retain more blossoms which in turn means more pods
  4. Help you maximize the yield of your double crop beans in a year when every bushel counts

We are also rapidly approaching pod set on the early planted beans, and when those beans reach the R-3, stage it is the perfect time to apply a fungicide, along with an insecticide for the best return on investment. CROP CHOICE Foliar OPP can help those beans add more pods in the top of the soybean plant to help further the potential of the crop.

Yes, we know that we have had a very strange growing season to this date and the markets are doing some very crazy things, but most of us have been through this before! We at SOIL SERVICE, INC want to help you maximize your crop potential any way we can. So give us a call to talk about these programs for your soybean crop today.

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