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Crop Choice Starter Fertilizer – John Viertel

Winter has arrived for the second time in 2018. Talked to some guys today that are having a little trouble with freezing cattle waterers. Wind chill of below zero will do that. Hope everyone is staying safe and warm.

Many have been asking about applying extra fertilizer as they plant into heavy residue, or when they are planting green into their cover crop. As we know, the cover crop has been seeded to help do several things, one being sequester leftover nutrients in the soil from the previous crop’s application. As that residue breaks down during the growing season, it releases the nutrients back in to the soil for the current crop to utilize. The problem is that doesn’t help the young seedlings of this crop.

The answer, use a good Crop Choice starter fertilizer program (both corn and soybeans). By putting the starter in the row with the seed, you know that those plants are going to use it. We have several analyses of starter including 3-18-18-1, 9-18-9-1, 6-24-6-1, 8-24-3-1 and can add 0-0-30 or 0-0-29 if you need more potassium. Our MAX 72 SRN (28% slow release nitrogen product) can also be placed in the furrow, mixed in with the starter, to give the corn seedlings an extra three (3) units of nitrogen right as they are emerging. Really makes a difference in early season growth.

 There is a lot discussion about applying thirty (30) units of nitrogen as you are planting corn into the heavy residue from a cover crop. That amount of N can’t be placed in the furrow with the seed, and that will take some extra equipment on the planter. We handle Yetter Products and there are a wide variety of fertilizer placement options available from them. No matter how you want to place the extra nitrogen, there is a Yetter option for your planter.

In summary, we at SOIL SERVICE, INC., have many different options available to you to make the best crop possible, no matter what your farming practice. Please stop by the booth at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville next month. Bring your questions about starter fertilizer programs and how to set your planter up to do what you want to do.

John Viertel, CCA

Missouri Sales