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Missouri Update – John Viertel

Soybeans are really coming on in Central Missouri! As we get into June, there are going to be several things that that are going to be addressed in the coming days. One of those will be applying foliar fertilizer to the soybeans at the proper time, and there are two stages in the life of a soybean plant that foliar feeding will benefit the most.

The first is from the V-3 through the V-5 stages (v-3 = 3 sets of trifoliate leaves, etc.). When FOLIAR OPP is applied at this time, it will help the soybean set more blossoms and retain them resulting more pods. Beans start to bloom June 21st, the first day of summer. Don’t forget SUGAR E-BOOST, at 16 ounces per acre (less than $1/acre), the return on investment makes using it with a herbicide program and foliar feeding makes great sense!This application of FOLIAR OPP can be applied with your post herbicide program, especially with Liberty, but not with the Extend or Enlist bean herbicide programs.

The second critical time to apply foliar feed, is at the beginning of pod set (R-2 or R-3). This is to help set more pods and retain those pods, resulting in higher yields. This application time is perfect for FOLIAR OPP (and SUGAR E-BOOST) to be included with a fungicide application.

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