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Fertilizer Information – Tony Gann

Starter fertilizer is a crucial part of the soil fertility program, especially if you aim to take advantage of the benefits of planting earlier in the growing season. An in-furrow boost when soils are cold and wet ensures seeds have direct access to the nutrients they need during the most critical growth stage—before the sixth leaf, when maximum corn ear size is determined.

Our starter fertilizer here at Soil Service, Inc. is 100% orthophosphate, which means it is available to your crop as soon as it is applied. We have a wide variety of orthophosphate blends here at Soil Service but our most common is 3-18-18-1. We also stock 9-18-9-1 and 6-24-6-1 at our warehouse in Niota, Il.  Some other low salt blends that are stocked at our warehouse are 0-0-30 and 0-0-29 (potassium acetate) if you needed to add them to your blend for extra potassium.  Other popular orthophosphate blends that are available are 3-18-18, 6-24-6, & 9-18-9.


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