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Clean Liberty Link Soybean Field – John Viertel

In an earlier posting, I showed a sprayer applying Liberty Herbicide to this field, using Soil Service, Inc. products with the Liberty Herbicide. The pictures showed the coverage on the beans and on the weeds. Well, I got time to finally get back to that field, and as you can see, the weeds are gone and there is a very nice, CLEAN, field.

If you look back at the post from late June, we used SOIL BOOST PLUS, LANDOIL, 2075 SRN, SUGAR E-BOOST, AND FOLIAR OPP in the Liberty Herbicide mix, which also included an insecticide and Select. There was no crop response to this mix, only dead weeds and grass. The beans at that time received a nutrient boost from the Foliar Opp and 2075 SRN. We really like this mix for Liberty Link Soybeans.

Pods are just starting to set, and a good rain (in the forecast for the next couple of days) would be very, very beneficial.


John Viertel, MO Sales

Foliar Opp on Missouri Beans – John Viertel






As seen in the pictures, we sprayed some Liberty Link Soybeans last Friday. I wanted to share these, because there was a 10 to 12 mph breeze (hot and very dry breeze here in Central Missouri). There was an excellent spray pattern and all the product was going where it was supposed to – on the target weeds. The FOLIAR OPP was going on the beans and being absorbed into them. Going back today to and expect to see dead and/or dying weeds!

Wheat harvest has started in Central Mo, and we have a wheat plot with and without SUGAR E-BOOST. Check back for results.

John Viertel

Good Results from Burndown – John Viertel

A couple of weeks ago, I showed a picture of cereal rye with the coverage of the burndown herbicide when using Soil Boost Plus and Landoil. The cereal rye cover crop was under stress from dry weather and had also been grazed by a cow herd. We just had a neighbor stop and ask about our spray program because his cereal rye had been burnt down, but a lot of it was still green (and still is on this date). The picture that I took today, shows just how good our spray program works, even under stress conditions. The soybeans are looking good now after receiving some very welcome rain. Hope your crops are doing well, and if you would like to visit with us about making your herbicide program better, contact us at info@soilserviceinc.com

Happy Memorial Day and Thank You to all our Veterans!

John Viertel, MO Sales

Spray Coverage on Cereal Rye Burndown – John Viertel

This is 2 hours after application. Yes, I know I just posted one earlier this week, but there is a lot happening in the fields. Look closely at the picture. Notice the darker areas on the leaf and stem of the cereal rye plant. This field was sprayed yesterday, after the beans were planted the day before, with glyphosate. The mix included SOIL BOOST PLUS and LANDOIL. What can be seen in this picture is how the spray droplets spread out on the leaf and are being held there by the LANDOIL, so they can be absorbed into the plant, killing it.

I will check back on this field in a couple of days, watching the progress of the burndown.

John Viertel


Planting Green into Cereal Rye – John Viertel

     It is dry here in Central Missouri, but the corn is up, and soybeans are going into the ground at a record pace. It seems that we have gone from a long winter, right into summer as the temps have been in the low to mid-eighties for several days. One of our neighbors stopped at my warehouse this morning to see what we have been using for a burndown on our cereal rye cover crop. He was not satisfied with the results of his burndown this year, and by having it custom sprayed, did not use SOIL BOOST PLUS or LANDOIL with the herbicide mix. He thought he may have to have it resprayed – ouch.

     Since we are so dry here, even the growing cover crops are under stress. That, coupled with the lower than average night time temperatures when the burndown was applied, caused the plants not take in the herbicide as well. Two of the benefits of using SOIL BOOST PLUS and LANDOIL with herbicide application are that by working together they help get the herbicides absorbed into the target plants, and then translocated in the plant, helping the herbicide do it’s job of killing those the target plants.

John Viertel