Use SOIL BOOST PLUS and LANDOIL to Manage Weeds

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Use SOIL BOOST PLUS and LANDOIL to Manage Weeds

As 2015 has drawn to a close, it is time to really start thinking about next spring and what you are going to do on your operation in terms of weed control in your crops. There are a lot of options out there and many terms being used to describe them, including: “weed resistance management,” “mode of action,” “herbicide group number” and “site of action.” Even back before the Roundup Ready® era, we at SOIL Service talked about herbicides and helping them work better for you! So now that pre-emergent herbicides are being used on a large scale again, different modes of action are being used post-emergence (in tank mixes), and new products are being introduced, here are what our products are and what they can do for you!

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What it is and what it does:

  • Liquid formulation AMS Replacement
  • Provides all the benefits of AMS and SO-IL Boost
  • Easy to use (16 oz rate up to 15 gal water/acre) (24 oz rate for Liberty herbicide)
  • Contains proprietary penetration and translocation agents
  • Also Contains AMS
  • Acidifies high pH water down to 5 pH
  • Buffers calcium, iron and magnesium in hard water
  • Improves pesticide effectiveness
  • Avoids chemical tie-up in high pH water
  • Improves the consistency of your herbicide

SOIL BOOST PLUS® is an easy to use liquid AMS replacement that can be pre-mixed into your spray water up to 30 days prior to using the water in the spray solution. Several of our customers use the DOSATRON® injection system to pre-treat their spray water in their nurse or supply tank as it is filling, which saves time in the spraying operation. We have a complete kit put together with everything you will need. The DOSATRON is a very easy “plug-and-play” device – just set it up, hook up water hoses, set it for desired amount and turn on the water. What an easy way to treat your spray water!



Pre-emergent herbicides:

  • Reduce run-off and leaching
  • Reduce photodecomposition and oxidation
  • Protect chemicals and extend their life two to three weeks
  • Reduce chemical volatility

Post-emergent applications:

  • Increase leaf penetration
  • Enhance chemical translocation
  • Improve chemical coverage
  • Reduce drift
  • Rain fast in less than 20 minutes
  • Reduce the potential for weed resistance
  • Environmental concerns

LANDOIL® is one adjuvant that a lot of farmers say they would not spray without! With LANDOIL, you get a better spray pattern with reduced drift, which gets more of the spray droplets on the leaf surface. It also breaks the surface tension of the spray droplets so they do not sit on the leaf surface waiting to evaporate. Instead, they get absorbed into the plant. When using LANDOIL with pre-emergent herbicides, especially in no-till, it helps keep the chemical from breaking down in the sunlight if rainfall does not occur for several days after application. This all translates into a better job of weed control from the herbicide program that you are using.

Using SOIL BOOST PLUS and LANDOIL are excellent ways to help improve how well your herbicide program works in 2016! We all want our spray program(s) to work the first time and work well. So if you have any questions on the performance of these products or how to use them, please contact us. We will be happy to help you with “weed resistance management” in your operation.