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Iowa Power Farm Show – Shelly Hardy


I have had the pleasure of working for Brent and Andrea at Soil Service since August in billing. I have met and work with a lot of great people.  So many of them I have just gotten to know through phone calls.  Well, last week I got to meet some of our distributors at the Iowa Power Farm Show in Des Moines in person.  What a great group of guys!!  Very knowledgeable and so easy to talk to. 

Give us a call to find out which distributor, salesman, or dealer can cover your needs in your area.


Shelly Hardy

Office Administrator

Super Bowl- John Viertel


WOW! Can you believe that today is Super Bowl Sunday! I can’t! Got the game today, Valentine’s Day in ten days, the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville coming that week, and the Western Farm Show in Kansas City after that. It’s going to be a busy month for all of us at SOIL SERVICE, INC. Stop by our booth at either, or both, shows to find out what’s new for us.

Getting back to the Big Game. Those players have put a lot of hard work and training to get to this point of the season. The coaches have spent many hours getting their players ready, and formulating a “game plan.” It’s pretty much the same for us farmers.

We spend all winter going to meetings, checking out new ideas (and products) on-line or in farm publications. We now have You Tube, where we can watch videos from innovators and how their new ideas are working. By the way, check out the SOIL SERVICE, INC channel on You Tube. We have several videos posted.

 We spend time in the shop getting equipment ready to go to the fields. Time is spent in offices and at kitchen tables crunching numbers and locking in supplies for the season. A lot of time is spent on a “game plan” for getting the crop planted timely and how it will be managed all season.

Then September rolls around, and that’s when our Super Bowl begins! We get to see just how well our “game plan” worked!

Here at SOIL SERVICE, our team has been busy helping farmers all over the mid-west get their plans together for this coming season. We know that many of you still have decisions to make for your operations, and we have the products and expertise to help you get those plans finalized. We want you to have the best “game plan” for your operation, so YOU will be the WINNER in YOUR SUPER BOWL of 2018!

 So, if you have any questions, or would like information on starter fertilizer, micro nutrients, spray adjuvants, planter equipment, or any of our products, please contact us at: info@soilserviceinc.com. You can the office call the office: 888-313-2360.

Soil Service at the National No-Till Conference – Derek Porter

 Last week, Louisville Kentucky was home to the 27th Annual National No-Tillage Conference. Myself and four other Soil Service members attended and came away with some very positive feed back and ideas to help our customers. This was my first ever No-Till Conference experience. My biggest takeaway from the conference was the discussions on cover crops. This continues to be a hot topic especially amongst no-tillers. The issues with establishing the cover crop and using them to build soil health were the most talked about.

   Ill have a more in-depth analysis on cover crops in future articles. Other topics that were discussed dealt with soil fertility placement, weed control, and no-till planter attachments. Overall the conference was a success and I look forward to sharing more in-depth information about some of the topics in future articles. As always thank you for your support of Soil Service.

Derek Porter
Illinois Sales Manager

Peoria Farm Show 2017 – George Salrin

   Soil Service Inc has been present in the Peoria Farm Show for more than 30 years now. This show has always been a weather-related show with this year being no exception. The weather man gave Central Illinois very nice weather before and during the show. This allowed an extended opportunity to complete Harvest and field work. These conditions brought smaller than normal crowds all three days.

   However, most of our usual customers came by. With the help of our new employees, we had some new faces stop by to renew acquaintances and ask how our products and services can help them in their farming operation. This was not our best show ever, but it was productive. We will be back next year.

Thanks Again!

George Salrin

September 2017 Farm Progress Show – John Viertel

Last week we attended the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois. The weather was tremendous, but the turnout was so-so. The SOIL SERVICE TEAM had our usual line up of products and had interest in everything: Crop Choice Fertilizers, LandOil, Soil Boost Plus, Yetter Equipment, Aerway, etc.

The display pictured, is of some of the crops that I brought from Missouri. Of special interest are the corn roots and ears from our Soil Health Study field. They are from the plot in the field that had a Crop Choice starter program, no starter program, and a Crop Choice starter program mix which contained Sugar E-Boost. There were significant differences in the ear size and root mass between the starter program and no starter. Preliminary kernel count yield determinations showed a significant difference in yields, also. Not going into those now, going to wait to run the yield wagon at harvest to share the yields with you.

One thing that was noticeable in the field, soil tilth was tremendous. If you have been following my blogs, you know that this field has now had three applications of our NUTRIENT RECYCLING PROGRAM applied to it. Plus, it has had only the Aerway run as the only tillage since 2012. We have used several cover crops, and have run cattle every winter to utilize the cover crop forage. When digging these plants for display, the spade I was using penetrated the soil to a depth of almost 12 inches with minimal effort.

Check back later this month for the results, or if you would like more information about the Soil Health Study, contact me at my email listed below. Have a safe and bountiful harvest.