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Super Bowl- John Viertel


WOW! Can you believe that today is Super Bowl Sunday! I can’t! Got the game today, Valentine’s Day in ten days, the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville coming that week, and the Western Farm Show in Kansas City after that. It’s going to be a busy month for all of us at SOIL SERVICE, INC. Stop by our booth at either, or both, shows to find out what’s new for us.

Getting back to the Big Game. Those players have put a lot of hard work and training to get to this point of the season. The coaches have spent many hours getting their players ready, and formulating a “game plan.” It’s pretty much the same for us farmers.

We spend all winter going to meetings, checking out new ideas (and products) on-line or in farm publications. We now have You Tube, where we can watch videos from innovators and how their new ideas are working. By the way, check out the SOIL SERVICE, INC channel on You Tube. We have several videos posted.

 We spend time in the shop getting equipment ready to go to the fields. Time is spent in offices and at kitchen tables crunching numbers and locking in supplies for the season. A lot of time is spent on a “game plan” for getting the crop planted timely and how it will be managed all season.

Then September rolls around, and that’s when our Super Bowl begins! We get to see just how well our “game plan” worked!

Here at SOIL SERVICE, our team has been busy helping farmers all over the mid-west get their plans together for this coming season. We know that many of you still have decisions to make for your operations, and we have the products and expertise to help you get those plans finalized. We want you to have the best “game plan” for your operation, so YOU will be the WINNER in YOUR SUPER BOWL of 2018!

 So, if you have any questions, or would like information on starter fertilizer, micro nutrients, spray adjuvants, planter equipment, or any of our products, please contact us at: You can the office call the office: 888-313-2360.