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Sugar E-Boost in 2016 Plots

Here it is the middle of December 2016 and the Holiday Season is upon us. It is the time to be with family and friends to reflect on 2016 and to look forward to 2017. It is also the season with a lot of food and sweet holiday treats.

SOIL SERVICE, INC. has been reflecting on our test plots from our research farm, and side x side checks on customer’s farms. The “sweet” news that we have for you, are the results from our trials that contained Sugar E-Boost. Here are some of the results:


  •  Sugar E-Boost + LBC + SR included in the first Post application of Liberty –  8.86 bpa increase in soybeans, no tilled into cereal rye (these were added to help start breaking down the increased residue in this field)


  • 2 Gal/Acre Foliar OPP for beans + 1 pt. Sugar E-Boost vs no foliar feed – 9.03 bpa increase in beans (applied at 5th trifoliate)
  • 2 Gal/Acre Foliar OPP for corn vs 2 Gal/Acre Foliar OPP with 1 pt. Sugar E-Boost11.39 bpa increase in corn
  • 1 Gal/Acre 2075 vs 1 Gal/Acre 2075 + 1 pt. Sugar E-Boost6.7 bpa increase in corn
  • 1 Gal/Acre Max 27 vs 1 Gal/Acre Max 72 + 1 pt. Sugar E-Boost2.86 bpa increase in corn

Iowa: In furrow starter for corn

  • In furrow starter only (4gal/acre 3-18-18-1 + 1gal/acre 0-0-25-17) – 266 bpa
  • In furrow starter + Sugar E-Boost – 276 bpa. That is a 10 bpa increase!
  • It is becoming clear that when Sugar E-Boost is added to an in-furrow starter application, a foliar application, or in the post herbicide application with Liquid Bacteria Concentrate and Soil Restore, there is a definite yield boost.

You can check out these and other plot results at Along with more information on the Sugar E-Boost Or you can contact me – (573) 680-6951 voice/text or for more information.

Happy Holidays!