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Recent Travels for Soil Service, Inc.

I’ve spent the last week in Ames, IA and Omaha, NE. I was in Ames for Ag Leader’s 25th anniversary dealer summit. 25 years ago Ag Leader started it all with the very first yield monitor. Jump forward to the present and Ag Leader has vastly expanded it’s product line to include every aspect of the farming operation. From their industry leading InCommand 1200 display to the powerful SMS software, Ag Leader can say “Yes” to all of you farming needs.

Now switching gears a bit, I also mentioned Omaha. I attended the 4th annual Strip Till Conference. Over 400 farmers attend this conference. This is something we attend every year to keep up with the trends and concerns that today’s farmer has with Strip Tilling. This event as a day and a half packed with speakers ranging from the common farmer to university professors. These conferences are a great way to interact with farmers and get real life stories of success and failures that they have endured. I also worked the Yetter booth as they are one of the title sponsors for this event. This shows the commitment that Yetter has for the Strip Till industry and is continuing to bring innovation to today’s Strip tiller.

If you find time I would encourage you to visit the Strip Till farmers website www.striptillfarmer.com to see future events, if Strip tilling is something you have been thinking about. We have been building custom bars and Strip tilling ourselves for 8 years. We can provide the answers and solutions to your Strip tilling questions and needs. I have a busy few weeks here before the Soil Service team and I head to Decatur, IL for Farm Progress. Hope to see you there.

Jason Smith

Keeping Up With Online Trends in Agriculture

I am sure that many of our customers have already noticed the ongoing trend into an online movement. This includes online advertising, communication, and an increase in technological farming; such as getting yield maps and variable rate files to and from your seed dealer or whomever may process the data. Soil Service, Inc. has noticed this movement and is working toward keeping our company current on all our customer’s needs. We will continue to bring you the latest in AG Leader technology, Yetter equipment, Salford AerWay parts, services, knowledge, and of course the latest in fertilizer and chemical technology. To better answer questions and get our latest technology out in front of our wide customer base, we will be calling upon many people to get their email addresses. This will make it more efficient for us to get our newsletter and other information out to our customers in a quick and timely manner. Continuing with the online trend, we will also be making more of an appearance on AGtalk.com. Our participation on AGTalk will include listings of our latest equipment for sale, and searching the wanted ads to see if there is anything you need that we can provide. I will also be searching the forums for any topics that Soil Service, Inc. could provide information on. In addition, we have a Facebook page, and we advertise on Fastline and TractorHouse. If you have any questions about any of our products feel free to email me at rjohnson@soilserviceinc.com. Also, if you have not been contacted about our newsletter please go to our website and sign up or call our office with your email address at 217-755-4400.

Soil Service at Louisville Farm Show

As a first-time attendee of the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, I was astounded at the sheer number of exhibitors and businesses all under one roof. Numerous facets of agriculture represented from air conditioning to zebras could be found if you had the time and energy to walk through the hundreds of exhibits. At the Soil Service, Inc. booth we displayed the new Yetter Poly Spike Wheel, along with a planter unit decked out with all our application capabilities; including the new lid lift by Yetter, AgLeaders InCommand 1200, and an array of starter fertilizer application methods. The most discussed item was our video by Missouri Sales Manager, John Viertel, and his use of an AerWay to roll and crimp cereal rye for great weed control, nutrient recycling and soil health improvement with minimal input. If you’re interested in more information or would like to see the video, give us a call! I would highly recommend that anyone in the agriculture field to plan a trip to Louisville next year to see all the new technologies and equipment on display.


Sugar E-Boost in 2016 Plots

Here it is the middle of December 2016 and the Holiday Season is upon us. It is the time to be with family and friends to reflect on 2016 and to look forward to 2017. It is also the season with a lot of food and sweet holiday treats.

SOIL SERVICE, INC. has been reflecting on our test plots from our research farm, and side x side checks on customer’s farms. The “sweet” news that we have for you, are the results from our trials that contained Sugar E-Boost. Here are some of the results:


  •  Sugar E-Boost + LBC + SR included in the first Post application of Liberty –  8.86 bpa increase in soybeans, no tilled into cereal rye (these were added to help start breaking down the increased residue in this field)


  • 2 Gal/Acre Foliar OPP for beans + 1 pt. Sugar E-Boost vs no foliar feed – 9.03 bpa increase in beans (applied at 5th trifoliate)
  • 2 Gal/Acre Foliar OPP for corn vs 2 Gal/Acre Foliar OPP with 1 pt. Sugar E-Boost11.39 bpa increase in corn
  • 1 Gal/Acre 2075 vs 1 Gal/Acre 2075 + 1 pt. Sugar E-Boost6.7 bpa increase in corn
  • 1 Gal/Acre Max 27 vs 1 Gal/Acre Max 72 + 1 pt. Sugar E-Boost2.86 bpa increase in corn

Iowa: In furrow starter for corn

  • In furrow starter only (4gal/acre 3-18-18-1 + 1gal/acre 0-0-25-17) – 266 bpa
  • In furrow starter + Sugar E-Boost – 276 bpa. That is a 10 bpa increase!
  • It is becoming clear that when Sugar E-Boost is added to an in-furrow starter application, a foliar application, or in the post herbicide application with Liquid Bacteria Concentrate and Soil Restore, there is a definite yield boost.

You can check out these and other plot results at soilserviceinc.com Along with more information on the Sugar E-Boost Or you can contact me – (573) 680-6951 voice/text or jviertel@soilserviceinc.com for more information.

Happy Holidays!

Soil Health Study Field Follow-Up

At this writing, we are hoping that your harvest is either over, or at least winding down, and field work is getting started. The cover crops on our farm in central Missouri are starting to look good after using the Aerway/Remlinger Harrow to incorporate them after corn and bean harvest (the rain we had on 11/2 is helping germination). Watch for pictures in a future blog, and check out the SOIL SERVICE, INC. YouTube Channel for the videos which I had posted.

As a follow-up on the article with the pictures of the soybean roots in August, the weigh wagon showed almost a ten (10) bushel per acre yield increase in the SOIL HEALTH STUDY FIELD vs. the field that has not had the Nutrient Recycling Program applied. At $9/bushel beans, that could be a $90/acre increase in revenue for you. That’s better than a 3:1 ROI, not to mention the better soil tilth and soil health that the program is providing!

Contact me – (573) 680-6951 voice/text or jviertel@soilserviceinc.com, or the Soil Service, Inc. Office @888-313-2360 or info@soilserviceinc.com for more information