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Soybean Plot Harvest in Missouri – John Viertel

After a very dry summer, we have been getting some moisture in the form of rain for the last 2-3 weeks. Very welcome, even if it did slow harvest a little.

On October 23, we finally harvested the Soil Health Study Field. We were pleasantly surprised with the results. First, the whole 30-acre field missed averaging 60 bpa by just a few pounds across the scale at the elevator. The other fields of soybeans that we have been combining were only averaging 40-45 bpa.

As I have talked about in previous blogs, this field has been managed, since 2012, to improve soil health. We have been using the SOIL Service Nutrient Recycling Program, cover crops, and either no-till or the Aerway each year. The NRP was applied the previous three years before this year. Last year we had a very good corn crop on this field, under good growing conditions. This year, because of the improved soil health, we had a very good bean yield despite of the extremely dry conditions.

One of things that I did test in this field this year was the use of 3-18-18-1, including 1 pint per acre of Sugar E-Boost as a starter for the beans. I compared it to using only 3-18-18-1. Once again, just like on the corn, there was a 3 bushel per acre yield increase. If you are wondering, at the current local cash price ($7.55) and using the 2×2.5-gallon jug price of 95 cents per acre, that is a $22.70 ROI, just by adding 1 pint per acre of Sugar E-Boost to the starter. Using Sugar E-Boost with any starter program, and or foliar program, is going to be standard for us from now on.

John Viertel, Missouri Sales Manager