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Soil Health Study Update

Do the larger root systems on the plants on the right of the picture below peak your interest? I decided to go into the Soil Health Study field and dig some plants up last Tuesday. I also went to an adjoining field that has not received the Nutrient Recycling Program, but has had cover crops, to see what our soybean root systems looked like. Pleasant surprise! Not only were the roots more robust, but so were the plants themselves. The stalks were larger and there is an average of ten more pods per plant in the study field. This will translate to more yield this fall.



Soil tilth was better, too! I dug three plants each field, and was very careful to try and keep the soil intact. The soil in the SOIL HEALTH STUDY FIELD was extremely loose and very tilthy, I couldn’t hold it together to carry out of the field.  It was no problem with the other non-treated field. It’s no wonder that the roots systems are bigger, it’s easier for them to expand in the healthier soil. This soil will also hold more water during the drier stress times of the growing season.



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John Viertel, CCA