At this writing, we are hoping that your harvest is either over, or at least winding down, and field work is getting started. The cover crops on our farm in central Missouri are starting to look good after using the Aerway/Remlinger Harrow to incorporate them after corn and bean harvest (the rain we had on 11/2 is helping germination). Watch for pictures in a future blog, and check out the SOIL SERVICE, INC. YouTube Channel for the videos which I had posted.

As a follow-up on the article with the pictures of the soybean roots in August, the weigh wagon showed almost a ten (10) bushel per acre yield increase in the SOIL HEALTH STUDY FIELD vs. the field that has not had the Nutrient Recycling Program applied. At $9/bushel beans, that could be a $90/acre increase in revenue for you. That’s better than a 3:1 ROI, not to mention the better soil tilth and soil health that the program is providing!

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