Here is what has been going on in the state of Missouri the last few weeks. Lots of deliveries of all our liquid products, and finally the first delivery of a 15’ Rogue VT® to Shelby County on April 12. So far because of weather conditions, we have not had a lot of field work going on across the northern part of the state. There has been some fertilizer applied, the wheat has been top dressed and sprayed. We applied 2 gallons per acre of 2075-SRN® on our wheat last week with the herbicide. Not very much corn planted, though. That should change this week if the weather forecast holds true through Wednesday. By the way, did I mention that here in Jefferson City, MO, we had enough snow last week that all the grass was covered by 9 a.m.! All gone by 2 p.m., though.

Check back later this week and I will update on how the Rogue VT is doing this spring.

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Have a safe and productive planting season!

John Viertel