Finally got into the field with the 15’ Rogue VT® on last week before it rained. My coworker Derek Porter was coming back from a Kansas delivery, and was able to stop to help me evaluate the job it was doing (which I thought was fantastic) and help make some adjustments.


Here is the job that it is doing with the tines set at 5 degrees. This field was in corn last year and not had any tillage done last fall. Note that it does not bury the residue, while leaving the soil ready to plant into. The Rogue VT has penetrated 7+ inches for true vertical tillage. We are getting air into the soil, which was sealed over from all the snow and rain this past winter and spring. Any rain that comes now will soak in very nicely.


Keep checking back for more pictures and updates on how the Rogue VT is working this spring. We will also be posting videos on YouTube.

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Have a safe and productive planting season!

John Viertel