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Manage Compaction and Residue with the Rogue VT

Rogue VT logo2018 is finally over!

While for some growers 2018 brought good weather and a bountiful crop, there are those that feel relieved to move on to 2019 especially after a wetter than average fall. As the calendar roles into 2019 a concern amongst a lot of growers I’ve talked to is how to manage fields that couldn’t have fall work done to them? It’s no surprise, based on the wet conditions most experienced throughout harvest coupled with above average yields, compaction and large amounts of residue could create problems going into this upcoming spring.

Our Rogue VT® vertical tillage tool is the ideal machine to manage any of these situations where compaction or residue left from last fall is an issue. The Rogue VT sets itself apart from any vertical tillage tool in the industry by fracturing the soil and eliminating compaction to a depth of 6-8 inches while leaving no horizontal compaction layer and creating a smooth level seedbed to plant into. The fracturing is done with the Rogue’s aeration tines that run on 3.75 ft sections and can be easily adjusted based on how aggressive the field needs to be worked. These tines allow the grower to work at a greater depth compared to other vertical tillage machines on the market that rely on coulters alone. At its most aggressive setting, the Rogue VT does an outstanding job of knocking down standing corn stalks and preparing a nice seed bed in just 1 pass. At its least aggressive settings, the Rogue VT can be used on any hilly or highly erodible ground and still provide compaction relief and manage residue. The aeration tines are followed by a coulter system that does a nice job of taking out any “roughness” left by the aeration tines, leaving a nice level seedbed to plant into. Followed by the coulters is a set of double rolling baskets for continued leveling and seedbed preparation. If you would like to demo or rent a Rogue VT this spring please contact our office or local salesman and we can get that set up. We offer the Rogue VT in 15, 22.5, 30, and 37.5 foot sizes.

Also look for us at farm shows in the Quad Cities, Des Moines, Macomb, Louisville, Kansas City, and Cedar Rapids for more information on the Rogue VT and other products and services we offer at Soil Service Inc. We will have a machine on display at the Des Moines Farm Show January 29-31. For videos and pictures of our Rogue VT visit our website or go to the Soil Service, Inc. YouTube page.


Derek Porter