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Harvest in Missouri – John Viertel

October 1, 2017 Blog

Harvest in Missouri

John Viertel, Missouri Sales Manager


Harvest in Missouri really got into full swing the last two weeks of September, the weather could not have been better for us all to get a lot of crops out of the field. We started at the Soil Health Field this year, and what a way to start out!

Over all, the whole field (30 acres) averaged 215 bushels per acre (at 16+% moisture) across the scales. The last time (2015) this field was in corn; the field average was 175 bushels per acre. What I was interested in finding out, was how the Crop Choice starter program did. Here is the result from one of the side x side’s in the field:

No Starter: 220.5 bushels per acre @ 17.2%

Starter Program: 232.1 bushels per acre @ 16.6%

The Crop Choice Starter Program:            4 gallons per acre of 9-18-9-1

                                                                           1 gallon per acre of 0-0-30

                                                                           1 pint per acre each of Zinc, Manganese, and Calcium

That was just one of the strip test in the field. We had a test in another part of the field comparing the starter program with and without Crop Choice Sugar E-Boost (1 pint per acre) in the starter. There was a 3.1 bushels per acre increase by adding that pint of Sugar E-Boost to the program.

Check out the yield results at soilserviceinc.com as harvest progress’. I hope everyone is having a safe and prosperous harvest!