Harvest in Missouri: Part 2 – John Viertel

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Harvest in Missouri: Part 2 – John Viertel

 Harvest in Missouri: Part 2
John Viertel, Missouri Sales Manager

John Hansman’s No-Till Soybean Field Harvest Results

   It has not been very good for harvest for the past two week. There have been only a couple of days that soybeans could be harvested here in Missouri. However, John Hansman was able to get his crop out, and as of last Saturday, he was ready to drill his cover crop.
If you have been following these writings (or you can look at the past ones at soilserviceinc.com/news), you will remember that John had planted into a killed cereal rye cover crop and then received a lot of rain, which reduced his stand. He did have to patch in a few places, but overall, he left the field untouched.

   The field was planted in fifteen (15) inch rows and Crop Choice 3-18-18-1 along with zinc, manganese, and calcium trace elements, and Liquid Bacteria Concentrate & Soil Restorer was used as the starter program. Later in the season, Crop Choice Foliar Opp and Sugar E-Boost was used to foliar feed the crop.

   Even with the very dry conditions in August and September, this field averaged over 60 bushel per acre, with the creek bottom portion of the field going 70 bushel per acre +. Good Beans!

Thank you, John, for letting me follow your field and sharing what was going on to everyone!