When harvesting, you need reliable tools to help not only pull in a good crop but also to understand the significance of your results. If you’re under-utilizing this tried-and-true yield monitoring technology, let the SOIL Service team help you take your yield-tracking tools to the next level.

Yield Monitoring

Take advantage of the most widely used grain-yield-monitoring technology in the world. The yield-monitoring solutions we offer through Ag Leader far outpace the competition for features and functionality.

  • Create and view yield and moisture maps while harvesting and instantly observe how field conditions affect yield.
  • Compare planting maps with real-time harvest data to view instant variety performance information.
  • Overlay test strips, applied fertilizer rates, and more for instant yield comparison.

AutoSwath™ for Harvest

Harvest data is recorded based on the number of rows being harvested, providing accurate data when harvesting point rows or partial swaths. During harvest, AutoSwath provides yield and moisture mapping in real time. A harvest summary screen provides at-a-glance information about number of acres harvested, total and average bushels harvested, and more.