I am a lousy photographer! But here are two pictures of the newest Renegade VT that the guys at our warehouse have just finished getting ready to go out. We have put a lot of thought and design to get true vertical tillage in a machine which is not only versatile, but also simple to adjust and use.

We were able to get a Renegade VT down to Missouri last fall for some limited field work and where we did run it, the results were fantastic! We had some more demos and rental acres for it to run, but Mother Nature kept us out of the field. There are some videos of the machine running in various locations, posted on our YOU TUBE Channel that you can view( ). There is also a video from Machinery Pete of Brent talking about the Renegade VT. Check them out.

We have had the Renegade VT at least one indoor farm show last fall, and interest was incredible! Plans are to have a machine at the Iowa Power Show later this month. We are still trying to get space at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville in February, but currently it doesn’t look like that is going to be possible. Same for the Western Farm Show in Kansas City.

If you are looking for a new vertical tillage machine, come to our booth at any of the farm shows coming up this winter. We answer any of your questions, explain why the Renegade VT is true vertical tillage, and how it can help your operation.


John Viertel, CCA

Missouri Sales Manager