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Strip-tillage offers the advantages of no-till with the bonus of earlier planting dates. It’s a tillage practice we know is likely to increase your profitability. How? We practice strip-till in our own farming operations and have experienced its benefits firsthand. It facilitates precise nutrient placement and produces huge savings in terms of time, water, equipment, and fuel costs.

SOIL Service offers the Yetter Maverick™ HR Plus®, a strip-till tool that adds more clearance around the row cleaner and the knife to run through residue—even cornstalks—without any plugging problems. The independent disc sealer wheels offer infinite adjustments, and the independent gauge wheels offer adjustable depths to make this a versatile tool for changing ground conditions.

Use this product for both your fall and spring operations. The Maverick™ HR Plus® is available for application of dry fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, anhydrous, or any fertilizer combination.

Yetter Maverick HR Plus

Other benefits of the Maverick HR Plus

  • Rock Trip Auto Reset feature eliminates need to leave tractor cab to reset knives or replace shear bolts
  • Handles allow for raising and lowering SharkTooth® Wheels depending on amount of residue you need to move
  • 20″ notched cutting coulter features parallel linkage design and five settings for changing knife depth
  • Adjustable row cleaners clear strips
  • Spring-loaded disc sealers offer infinite adjustments for width, pitch, and distance from knife to build the berm desired for your field conditions
  • Designed to be easily adaptable for fall or spring conditions
  • Features easily adjustable down pressure springs
  • No grease zerks to maintain
  • Add the optional Rolling Basket to till and condition soil in one pass

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