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All the work you put into planter setup and performance can go awry if your seed trench is not properly closed. Yetter has focused on developing tools that seal the deal in no-till and minimum tillage fields. These closing wheel options, offered by SOIL Service, perform in the toughest conditions, breaking sidewall compaction and setting the stage for even emergence and higher yields.

6200 Cast Spike Closing Wheel

6200 Cast Spike Closing Wheel

  • Crowned depth band controls spike depth and prevents seed disturbance
  • Teeth designed to lift, fracture, and warm soil to enhance seed-to-soil contact and speed emergence
  • Eliminates sidewall compaction
  • Operate as a pair of spikes or in conjunction with factory-style rubber wheel
  • Standard wheel is 15″ in diameter
  • Available with optional scraper
6200 Paddle Closing Wheel

6200 Paddle Closing Wheel™

  • Closes seed trench in different soil types
  • Fractures sidewall as paddles enter and exit soil
  • Ensures full seed-to-soil contact, preventing yield-robbing air pockets
  • Creates uniform seed trench across entire seed zone
  • Helps warm soil to speed up emergence

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