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Storms in Central Missouri – John Viertel

Yes, we have been very dry for the past several weeks, with only about a half inch of rain two weeks ago right here in Central Missouri. Today we received some welcomed rain, but with a price. Severe storms rolled through our farm (and the SOIL SERVICE, INC. Missouri warehouse) about three p.m. The wind lifted the roof up a little, virtually no damage, but we will have to get up there tomorrow and inspect it more closely. There were reports of high winds and hail all around the area.

Hail at this stage of corn’s growth (V-4 to V-5) is not good. Shredding of the leaves doesn’t look great, those will disappear later anyway. It is the bruising of the young stalks that can lead to problems. Disease can enter the corn plant through these, resulting in stalk rots and standability issues closer to harvest.

If you have had hail and the corn is damaged, here is what we would like to recommend:

As soon as possible after the damage, apply one (1) to two (2) gallons of 9-18-9-1 and one (1) quart magnesium per acre to that crop. This will aid in helping the plant heal and give it energy as it’s healing and putting out new leaves. Getting this application done 48 hours after the damage is critical. Aerial application maybe the best option if rain persists for a few days, keeping the sprayers out of the field.

If the corn is V-5 to V-7, adding one half rate of fungicide is a very good idea. Make sure you are using one with a preventative. Research has shown that this application will give the corn better stress tolerance and a yield boost.

We have the product(s) and the aerial application know-how to assist you if have had damage to your corn. This season has already been challenging enough, let us help?

If you have questions, or need assistance evaluating what is going on in your field, contact us through the SOIL SERVICE, INC. Office.