Recommendations for Applying Nitrogen

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Recommendations for Applying Nitrogen

After a pretty decent April, we go into May wet! We had six (6) inches and more here in Central Missouri. There is flooding going on after the rain that we got Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today, with more on the way Wednesday. Most of us have been through this kind of weather, and conditions before, but planting was going great until last week, and these conditions can make things stressful for us.

When it does dry out, there are going to be quite a few questions to ask and get answered about your corn that is up, or is trying to come up. I can’t answer all of them here, but the main one that I am sure is on your mind right now is: “Do I need to apply more nitrogen to my corn form loss from leaching or denitrification?” Experience from past wet years tells us that, “Yes!”. There are several ways to accomplish this, from side dressing, to aerial applications. Here is an option that we recommend:

When you can get back into the field to apply post emergent herbicide(s) to your corn there are two Slow Release Nitrogen products which we can supply – MAX 72 SRN and 2075 SRN. Both can tank mixed with herbicides with no problem, plus they will help them work better. Here is a little more about each.

Max72-SRN®    28% N, 72% slow release. It will be absorbed into the corn plant without burning the leaves. The slow release part of this product will be released in the plant over several weeks, and what goes on to the soil will stay there until the next rain takes it into the root zone and can be utilized by the plant. Foliar feeding Max72-SRN minimizes N loss and coats leaves, lasting for weeks while the plant tissue absorbs it. Its staying power makes it an ideal delivery partner for both crop protection chemicals and glyphosate herbicides, keeping these products on the crop for a longer period.

 2075-SRN®    When crops need a nutrient boost during the growing season—especially if they have been put under stress from heavy rains, wind, or hail—2075-SRN is SOIL Service, Inc.’s, solution. A clear liquid fertilizer using our high-performing Max72-SRN as a foundation, 2075-SRN delivers nitrogen, sulfur, and potassium for crops to absorb virtually any time during the growing season. It can be applied as a foliar spray and mixes well with herbicides and fungicides.

If you would like to do some tissue testing, we can help you with that, also. Just let us know, and we help you get the samples taken and sent to our lab for analysis, and get back to you with recommendations.

You can contact me: By voice or text at 573-680-6951 or email, if you have any questions or want me to come help make some decisions of what to do for your crop.

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