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Post Emerge Program Success

It’s almost the end of July, and as I have been traveling around the state, I have seen a lot of soybean fields. Some (Image 1 shown below) have weeds that have come through the herbicide program and do not even show signs of being sprayed. Others (Image 2 -treated with the SOIL SERVICE, INC. program) are clean.

Image 1

Image 2

In the picture above of the clean field of Liberty Link soybeans, the operator used the program that I have been recommending for the past five (5) years with Liberty herbicide.

 Here is that program, applied between the V-3 and V-5 stage of the soybean grow:

  • Minimum of 20 gallons’ spray solution per acre
  • 24 ounces SOIL BOOST PLUS per acre
  • 32 ounces MAX 72 SRN per acre
  • 32 ounces LANDOIL per acre
  • 16 ounces SUGAR E-BOOST per acre
  • 2 gallons’ FOLIAR OPP for Beans per acre
  • 32 ounces Liberty Herbicide per acre

This post emerge program has been working very well for everyone that has been using it!  But, if you have fields that have a history of resistant weeds, don’t rely on just a post spray for control. Here are a few management tips that I have seen working very well.

  1. Spray weeds before they reach 4 inches in height – easier to kill!
  2. Use a pre-emergent herbicide.
  3. Rotate crops. That will allow you to rotate herbicides with different modes of action.
  4. Plant a cover crop. The competition and the heavy residue helps keep the weed pressure down.

On August 17, SOIL SERVICE, INC. is having a CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY at our home office and research farm near Niota, Illinois. We would like for you to attend if possible. We will have representatives from Ag Leader, Yetter, Salford Equipment, as well as our team from SOIL SERVICE to answer questions that you may have concerning this topic as well as others.