Nutrapathic™ Soil Restore and Nutrapathic™ Liquid Bacteria Concentrate

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Nutrapathic™ Soil Restore and Nutrapathic™ Liquid Bacteria Concentrate

Nutrapathic™ Soil Restore and Nutrapathic™ Liquid Bacteria Concentrate

There are more and more companies in the agriculture field, not to mention the horticulture and organic fields, who are developing and marketing biological products to help build soil health, breakdown residue, develop healthier plants, and improve yields. SOIL Service, Inc. has been promoting this for at least the last fifteen years that I personally have been associated with them.

We have used the Soil Restore and Liquid Bacteria Concentrate on our own farms, done research with them, side by side comparisons on customers farms, and personally, I have done a Soil Health Study on a thirty-acre farm on our Central Missouri operation.

 What are mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhizae are naturally occurring beneficial fungi that attach to the plant root system, spreading filaments inside and outside of the roots, working as an extension of the root of almost every plant. Soil fumigations, fungicides, tillage, and overuse of synthetic fertilizers can destroy mycorrhizae fungi.

Functions of mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae improves soil structure, reduces fertilizer rates, and increases growth response. This fungus also protects roots from soil toxins, diseases, and insects. It seeks out nutrients from a far greater soil area than the plant can access by itself and regulates the uptake of nutrients in response to the plant needs. Plants have greater resistance to invasion of weeds and insects because plants are healthier. Fungi are a largely responsible for stabilizing calcium. Soil low in fungi will permit calcium to leach.

Functions of bacteria

Bacteria is able to perform a wide range of chemical changes, including breakdown of organic matter and disease suppression. They are also useful in providing nitrogen to plants. Nutrapathic Liquid Bacteria Concentrate contains bacteria that colonize the plant rhizosphere, promoting plant growth and suppressing plant pathogens. Plant growth is credited to the phytase activity that provides plants with phosphate. It also produces a variety of proteases, amylases, and gluconases.

Our experience with Soil Restore and Liquid Bacteria Concentrate has shown that providing more mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria that these products provide to our soil do the following:


  • Plant health improves
  • Plants are more robust
  • Deeper and more robust root systems
  • Better stress tolerance


  • Better transfer of nutrients to plant roots (especially phosphorous)
  • Suppression of disease pathogens in the soil
  • Stabilizes calcium
  • Breakdown of plant residue, especially plant roots, helping build O.M.
  • Better water infiltration

Bottom line, by using Soil Restore and Liquid Bacteria Concentrate we get better yields from our crops.

What have we seen in the Soil Health Study Field in Central Missouri, we have just no-tilled, cover crops (grazing the covers with the cow herd), rotated (corn, beans, and wheat), some tillage with the Rogue VT®, and very little P & K fertilizer, and Crop Choice® starter and foliar fertilizers, and Soil Restore & Liquid Bacteria Concentrate on a three year program (one ingredient in the Nutrient Recycling Program)?

  • Better soil tilth
  • More water infiltration during large rain events
  • Better stress tolerance in the crops
  • Increase in Organic Matter (2.9 in 2012 to 3.5 in 2018)
  • More earth worms
  • Much better overall yields with less fertilizer then fields on same farm not treated.

Soil Restore and Liquid Bacteria concentrate can not only be used with the Nutrient Recycling Program, but also with any starter program in the row. It can also be added to a liquid 32% fertilizer application, or in any herbicide program. We have had really great success applying in the fall as the NRP to start the break down of corn residue.

We have some great programs that we have promoted for years and we know they work. So, if you have some interest in applying a biological this year on your farm, get in touch with us at SOIL Service, Inc. You can do that by calling or emailing at the following:

John Viertel – MO Sales Manager